Our Sailing Courses

Our sailing school offers basic and advanced level courses for children, teens and adults.

Sailing courses and lessons are held by Federal Instructors and experienced collaborators at our Fertilia headquarters where our school fleet and assistance vehicles are located. Morning and afternoon lessons are provided.

Depending on the course or service chosen, there may be small variations consisting of a theoretical part, including a briefing and an explanation of the exercises to be carried out. This is followed by the practical part which begins with the rigging and launching of the boat in the water and finishes, after the experience at sea, with the return to port and the unrigging.

The lesson will conclude with a briefing in which the sailing experience will be analyzed.
We recommend comfortable attire:
boxers/shorts, a T-shirt/lycra, rock shoes and a cap. Depending on the season you should also bring a fleece and/or a kway.

IMPORTANT: In your backpack you should always bring a change of clothes, a snack, a water bottle with water, a towel and sunscreen.
Included, in all courses, the use of the boat, life jacket, insurance, handouts and teaching materials.

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