Sailing course for Schools

The sea is your classroom, the boat is your chair and desk... our school is different!


When you sail you forge a close relationship with the sea which proves useful and functional for the acquisition of the values and skills necessary for the harmonious development of adolescents.

A formidable heritage and socio-cultural investment to accompany you into adulthood. How?

By boosting your self-esteem, teaching you to live outside of your comfort zone, by instilling respect of the sea and the environment and by working together with your peers to build team spirit. Our sailing course allows you to strengthen these qualities and skills.

Learning to sail while having fun is a unique experience that will remain forever in the student's memories.

For schools we offer 3 different options: a full-day outing, an afternoon course and a Full Immersion course.


An early start for the full-day outing: An introductory briefing with the day's program precedes a brief lesson outlining the general approach to the world of sailing and an explanation of the basics.
Then everyone on board to discover the Gulf of Alghero sailing together towards a beach for a packed lunch, followed by exploration, games and learning to tie basic knots.
More sailing in the afternoon and the obvious tidying up of the equipment upon your return to the port.


This takes place in the afternoon with a theoretical and a practical part. The course is totally adaptable to the needs of the school both in terms of time and duration.
We recommend, if possible, a minimum of 10 hours in order to acquire the necessary skills to independently conduct a boat in total safety.


This takes place over the course of several days and includes two daily trips at sea. The theoretical and practical lessons alternate during the day, involving students in a full immersion into the world of sailing.

The students will sleep in affiliated structures and during their stay, in their free time, they will have access to the various services of the structure.

Extra activities for the students’ free time can be booked at the discretion of the schools.

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